Padded Seat Belt Covers are the Answer to the Discomfort and Pain Caused by the Seat Belt during Breast Cancer Treatments

Padded Seat Belt Covers are the Answer

two black sisters4hope seat belt covers / seat belt cushions with embroidered pink Breast Cancer Awareness logosSisters4hope’s unique padded seat belt covers offer safety, comfort and protection to breast cancer patients at all stages of treatment and beyond. Seat belts are enemy number one to cancer patients who must endure many car rides to and from doctor visits during treatment. After breast biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation therapy, and/or breast reconstruction, your chest area will be tender. Additionally, you may have a chemotherapy port which is implanted under the skin of the chest, and typically stays in place for as long as the patient is undergoing chemotherapy. These factors make wearing a seat belt extremely uncomfortable and many cancer patients choose to not wear the seat belt at all.

Designed by two Breast Cancer Survivors

Don’t fear! Sisters4hope’s padded seat belt covers to the rescue! They were designed by two breast cancer survivors who experienced this pain and discomfort first hand and wanted to find a solution for others. Sisters4hope gel memory-foam pads Velcro to the seat belt strap distributing the pressure on the sensitive chest area. They additionally prevent the seat belt from rubbing against the chemo port and irritating the skin. Sisters4hope padded seat belt covers work on all kinds of seat belts in every single car. They can be used on left or right seat belts, or even lap belts, on driver’s side, passenger side, or back seats. No matter where you are experiencing the discomfort, Sisters4hope padded seat belt covers are designed for your relief. Simply detach the hook and loop Velcro, put around the seat belt in the desired area and reattach for a relaxed ride. The cushioning inside the seat belt pad is soft, flexible and shock absorbing. Even when you’re on rough roads, the sisters4hope padded seat belt cover protects you. It is enclosed in gel memory foam so it feels great on the skin, unlike the irritation of a rubbing seat belt. Ride comfortable, no matter how long the trip!

Padded Seat Belt Covers Help with Breast Cancer Research

Sisters4hope padded seat belt covers make indispensable, practical – yet thoughtful – gifts for breast cancer patients or anyone that finds the seat belt annoying. They are embroidered with a pink ribbon which adds a nice touch to the car interior and promotes the charitable nature of the company. For each pad sold, Sisters4hope donates one dollar to a breast cancer research foundation. So, in addition to helping fellow breast cancer patients, Sisters4hope is passionate about contributing to finding a cure in our lifetime.