Testimonial of Love!  My sisters4hope seat belt cushion was a godsend after my mastectomy and through chemo.   It will be again for my reconstruction next year. Pretty sure I’ll never take it out of my car. With heartfelt thanks, Joanne

I want to say how impressed I was with this device. When I first heard of it after meeting Becky and Liz, I thought this just wouldn’t help me. My port sticks out pretty far and is uncomfortable even when I touch it, let alone when I try to wear a seatbelt. I am pleased to say I did try the cushion. Well this wonderful cushioned cover allows me to wear my seatbelt as designed and doesn’t bother my port! Not only is it functional, it is very attractive and well made! I am so glad to have this device and honestly, I will keep it long after they remove the port as it is so comfortable! Check them out and please share this with anyone who has a port to receive chemo! Part of your purchase will be donated back to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so it is a win/win! I highly recommend this wonderful product and wish these ladies the very best with getting this out to more people! I am forever grateful!

Ann Marie Podskalan

Bought mine at C4YW and have been using it every day! Love it!!! So much more comfortable with this! And it’s soooo cute!! Thank you! ~ Dawn Capone

A few months after my surgery I was still uncomfortable with my seatbelt.  I was slipping it off my shoulder or just holding it away from my chest with one hand.  Neither was a very safe option.  Looked at different cushions and finally found your website.  Delivery was fast and I love my seatbelt cushion.  Supports breast cancer and keeps me comfortable and safer at the same time.Thank you and keep up the good work.


Dear Becky,
Thank you for your note and for offering this product. I am a seven year survivor and remember only too well the discomfort while using the seatbelt after my surgery. My neighbor and very dear friend has had surgery and has just begun her radiation treatments. This will be a gift for her. I applaud your efforts to reach out with hope for other sisters.

A note from Darlene
A sister survivor

The Superwoman shirt was given to me as a gift when I started chemotherapy. The fun logo made me feel special…in a good way… like a superhero. I am proud to wear the shirt with my bald head to let others know I am conquering cancer. April 2015 Lisa Noonan

Pink Pockets definitely helped make an awkward situation easier for me. I had a lot of pop-in company after my surgery, and I was grateful that those pesky drains were discreetly concealed in Pink Pockets. I have neuropathy in my finger tips from chemo, and fastening safety pins is difficult at best. I am so glad to have found your product. Gratefully yours, Peg McWhertor, Orlando

I also believe these seatbelt pads are safer if you have a car accident. A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law was in a bad crash and was severely cut and bruised on her breast and collar bone. Her doctor recommended a seatbelt pad for future protection, and my mother-in-law bought each member of the family one for the following Christmas   -Barbara Maddocks Fichthorn

My sisters4hope seat belt cushion was given to me after my double mastectomy. I don’t know what I would’ve done without it, especially since I live at the end of a half-mile-long bumpy dirt road — tortuous to drive on in my post-surgery condition. I love the soft cover, the ample padding, and that the cushion is removable for use in whatever car seat I ride in. I take comfort in knowing that I will use the cushion again after my reconstruction surgery next fall. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Becky, for this wonderful gift!

Lee Williams

There is nothing like this on the market. This product helps give extra protection and comfort when wearing a seat belt. Especially helpful to those who have just had surgery. Nancy Erdlen

I put my Pink Pockets on the shirt I was going to wear home from the hospital following my bilateral mastectomy. They immediately helped me feel more secure and comfortable with my four drains. Two drains easily fit into each pocket. This is a great product! Lynette McLean, Virginia Beach, VA

This is such an amazing concept. My husband is a 3 year lung cancer survivor. After extensive cardiothoracic surgery, the seat belt caused a great deal of pain… I wish that I knew of your product then and can only imagine what comfort it brings to breast cancer patients and survivors. ♥
~ Kristen Lubrano

Dear Becky and Liz,

I had purchased a pair of the cushions in preparation for my double mastectomy back in the Spring, knowing that I would be tender on both sides for at least awhile.  We have 2 cars, so I have had one in each car.  It’s been particularly helpful that they are so easy to take on and off, so that I’ve been able to move them from belt to belt as I’ve progressed from being a passenger to a driver.

Once I began chemo, the cushions were a great help again in protecting my port site, particularly when I had left my port access in overnight in anticipation of getting additional fluids the next day.  What I didn’t expect, but have certainly been glad about, is how great they have been to have during my radiation treatments as well.  Especially towards the end, my skin on the treatment side was pretty badly burnt, and very, very tender.  As I’ve been driving myself back and forth, I’ve really needed that extra shield against abrasion from my seat belt on that side.

I’m happy to report that I’ve now completed treatment, and I’m moving on to my “new normal”.  I am going to keep using those cushions, though, as a daily reminder to keep you, and all my sister and brother Warriors, in my prayers.

Many thanks for providing us with such a wonderful product!

Best regards,
Christine Garrott

My mother underwent a bilateral mastectomy last Thursday and her care has been made so much easier and more comfortable due to Pink Pockets. They are so easy to use and incredibly cute. If only they were able to stick to her during bathing time they would be perfect. We need Pink Pockets shower time. 😉 They laundered well, staying adhered ready for the next use. I am so glad that I came across these. They have truly made a difference in her comfort and how she feels. Thank you. Kristy, Snellville, GA

A friend shares this on my personal timeline and it meant so much to me: This is my awesome friend Becky Drake Mulligan and her business partner Liz’s creation. People like Liz and Becky are positive incentives for what survivorship looks like, when you love and cherish someone currently fighting this terrible disease. Thanks for all you both are doing and here’s hoping for a cure sometime in our lifetimes. If there was a “love” button for your site, I’d have pushed it!

Happy to answer yes to this:Sore but surving asks “Has anyone come up with a cushion to pad the seat belt for driving after a double mastectomy?” I had a double mastectomy and had tissue expanders put in during the surgery. Now i am going through the fill process. The doctor says I can drive, but the most uncomfortable thing is the shoulder strap across the chest. Has anyone come up with something that works to pad this belt while driving? I used a pillow but had to tie it on because it slips while driving. Surely someone could come up with a better solution, since this fill process goes on anywhere from 3 to 6 months!

sisters4hope is a company destined to do great things with two women at the helm that have the ability and drive to change the course for breast cancer patients for the better! They came up with a product that adds comfort to the seat belt strap while also minimizing contact with the chemo port and sensitive chest area. What’s even more admirable is that they give a portion of their sales back to breast cancer awareness and research. Way to go Becky and Liz! Best Regards, Stefani

I thank you for the beautiful seat belt cushion, it works wonders! Sincerely thank you, Chris

I absolutely LOVE your Superwoman shirts. I bought them for my staff to wear on Fridays. The quality and message can’t be beat. Thanks for what your are doing, Veronica

I had a bilateral mastectomy and was sent home the very next day. I don’t know how I could have made it home without this pad . I still use it every time I get in the car. Thank you for this great invention! Cara

I absolutely loved your pink pockets. I ended up putting them on the outside of a cotton camisole instead of the inside of a shirt, and it worked wonderfully. I had two drains on each side and it was difficult for me to use the conventional shirts with pockets on the inside….so I stuck the pink pockets on the outside and put the drains there!!!! It was such a relief when I had to empty the drains three times a day! Great idea! Jennifer DeForke

On my way to post-surgical, breast reconstruction appointment, I got rear-ended. The sisters4hope cushion saved my life! I cannot even imagine the outcome had I not had this wonderful gel pad in place. Thank you sisters4hope for this remarkable idea! Kind regards, Maren

I received a cushion in my new patient bag from my surgeon. I can’t imagine going through breast cancer without one. Seriously essential for all breast cancer patients!

Pink Pockets are such an amazing and simple product for breast cancer patients to use after having their mastectomies. The pockets are so easy to apply and come in cheerful patterns! They make securing surgical drains that are often placed after patients have mastectomies so easy and comfortable. We, as nurses, LOVE this product because we often sell our designer gown to people that will be soon undergoing mastectomies and we love to be able to make a person’s hospital stay a little easier. We recommend Pink Pockets to all our breast cancer customers and have had a great response to this product!! We also think it is wonderful that these pockets were designed by a breast cancer survivor, someone who knows exactly what it was like to go through having a mastectomy.

Love the Superwomen shirts! My staff and I all wore them on Fridays in October and everyone raved! Super soft, comfy and cute! Also great customer service in picking out all the different sizes! Thankful, Lori

My seatbelt always gets caught on my port. The sisters4hope pad solves this problem as well as making car rides so much more comfortable. Kudos to the sisters who thought of this idea!
Fondly, Carol G.

I am an Oncology Nurse and my sister now has breast cancer. I bought it for her. This pillow is brilliant! I will be telling my patients about it!
With sincere thanks, Dana Kurtowski

I would like to stress how much of a difference it made to me during my recovery to have my “Pink Pockets”. I was not even really aware of the whole “drain” thing. I found out right before my double mastectomy that there might be a drain or two. I ended up with 4 drains for an extended period of time. Luckily, I had purchased a couple of sets of “Pink Pockets” and had them on hand. I started using them before I even left the hospital. I have actually met Diane and she is a wonderful person who has used her own difficult situation to make something positive happen for other women.
Karen Killoren, Austin, TX

I absolutely LOVE the Superwoman tank and car decal a friend sent me upon my chemo graduation. It makes me proud to announce that I’m a survivor! (Also loved the personal card you enclosed with the gift.)
With gratitude, Allison Prato